The remodeling industry has evolved with the focus and emphasis on value and service to the client.

One clear example of this is the fact that the "Team Build" approach has become widely accepted by industry professionals and clients alike as the preferred approach to best meeting the needs of the client as opposed to the "Traditional" approach.

Here is a look at how these processes are defined in practical terms:


Team Build



Design & construction are integrated.

Design & construction are sequential & separate.


Architect, remodeler, design professional, & owner work together as a team to solve design, construction & cost issues.

Design professional leads as owner's agent. Remodeler is excluded from design process & selected by bid after design is complete. Relationship between owner, architect, & remodeler often becomes adversarial.

Owner participation

Owner is involved as appropriate throughout the process to make informed design & cost vs. quality decisions.

Owner is involved only at prescribed milestones.


Constructability review & cost estimating happen during design.  Integrated decision making can shorten schedule.

Constructability review & cost estimating happen after design is finished.  Redesign is usually needed and lengthens schedule.

Cost & quality control

Owner participates in realistic cost vs. quality decisions during design. Cost and quality are defined in the design.

Owner makes decisions with incomplete information.  Cost vs. quality tradeoffs are often not known until after bid.

In Team Build, the remodeler and architect or building designer work as a team with the owner/client right from the start. This team makes informed decisions the first time around without having to redesign the project. The traditional design and estimating process is sequential. Design decisions are often made with incomplete information on cost and constructability, which can lead to several redesigns before the client's budget is finally met.

In essence the traditional process is old school and today is regarded by most industry professionals as risky and irresponsible. The team build process provides an integrated approach where the industry professionals, the architect, and the contractor can truly serve the client and meet the client's expectations through concerted efforts. It is like a three lane highway where the client together with the design build team professionals are all headed in the same direction with the destination clearly in view.

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